Why are you here? Got a problem? A need? Looking to improve something or someone?

It’s probably because you’re looking for something different.

It could be that you’re searching for training, consultancy, customer experience, film-making, presenting or facilitating.

Or just curious about what I do. Well, you’ve found what I do. But that’s not the complete picture and I think you know it.

Just like any customer experience we make decisions that are driven by our emotions. So, you don’t only want to know what I do. You are interested to find out how I do it. And what difference it makes to you.

The services being offered here go beyond just tabs and headlines.

This is about Thinking Differently, Behaving Differently and becoming motivated to do Different Things. Not just because change is what’s needed. It’s because you believe something needs to change.

People often accuse/praise (you choose) me of being “thought provoking”. That’s fine. But I’m not in control of your thoughts. You are.

If I can provoke thought through my work in housing, customer service and customer care, my blogs, speaking, the Rentman specialism, presenting or the Get Real film-making – then I’ve succeeded.

What you do with your thoughts is up to you.